Building Wealth Through Smart Investing

Building Wealth Through Smart Investing

We’re the minds behind lucrative, multi-asset real estate investments, safeguarding futures, nurturing portfolios, and maximizing wealth as we go.

A better approach

Bold Services, For Even Bolder Investors

Raising Capital

We partner with ambitious minds, using the power of capital to drive next-generation projects.


By tapping into our global network, we acquire the type of projects that you’d never find elsewhere.

Property Administration

From calculating taxes and safeguarding compliance to liaising with regulators, it’s all in the details.

Why Real Estate?

It’s versatile. It’s tangible. It’s stable. And it’s undeniably lucrative. Or in other words, it’s smart investing.

  • Unlike most investments, capital investments in real estate are designed to breeze through economic downturns – even when all other ventures can’t.

  • By offering opportunities that are as unique as your needs, you can select the projects that suit you, from fast income to ethical investments.

Your investments, in safe hands

We’re Bringing You The Experience You Want, And The Hands-On Support You Deserve

From our dedicated account managers and our acquisition specialists to our real estate investing advisors, it’s the type of place where everybody knows your name – and everybody is invested in your success. Investment consulting, made hands-on.

Javed Meghani

Chief Executive Officer

Aliakbar Meghani

Chief Operating Officer

Arman Meghani

Principal- Strategic Partnerships

Our Track Record

As industry leaders in commercial ventures, we’re recognized as the face of future-proof, risk-averse, long-distance real estate investing. It’s who we are.

  • Decades Of Experience
    We know our way around a water-tight portfolio, with the testimonials to prove it.
  • Direct Access
    We know our way around a water-tight portfolio, with the testimonials to prove it.
  • Large-scale, Trophy Assets
    We’ll bring you assets to be proud of, from the ultra-rare to the in-demand.